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Food: Holidays

7d ago

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with festive chocolate bark

Make this festive chocolate bark for St. Patrick's Day featuring green sprinkles and green chocolate-coated candies. Get the recipe here.

Joy Bauer shares recipes to pair with your favorite holiday movies

Bless this highly nutritious sweet potato macaroni and cheese!
8d ago

Make honey-baked salmon for the holidays

Get the recipe for baked honey-glazed salmon, created by Will Coleman for TODAY Food. The glaze is made with butter, brown sugar and spices.
8d ago

How to make the easiest prime rib roast for the holidays

Use these tips and tricks to make a juicy and amazingly delicious prime rib roast.
Slow-Roasted Prime Rib with Beef Jus
Slow-Roasted Prime Rib with Beef Jus
9d ago

Make lucky leprechaun hats with store-bought cookies and marshmallows

Get the recipe for chocolate leprechaun hats for St. Patrick's Day from TODAY Food. This sweet chocolate treat will bring you good luck.
10d ago

Massimo Bottura celebrates the holidays with cotechino sausages and tiramisu

"Tiramisu" translates to "pick-me-up" — something you'll desperately need between Christmas and New Year's.
Massimo Bottura's Cotechino Sausage and Tiramisu
Massimo Bottura's Cotechino Sausage and Tiramisu
11d ago

This viral snow globe cocktail is a winter wonderland in a glass

Here’s how to make the snow globe cocktail that’s bubbling its way up to the top of your feed.
Snow Globe Cocktail
Snow Globe Cocktail
13d ago

38 New Year's Eve drinks worthy of celebration

Welcome the new year with a sip of something exciting.
The Lemon Ball Drop
The Lemon Ball Drop
14d ago

12 foods to eat on New Year's for good luck

Looking for luck in 2024? It's time to hit the grocery store.